middle income untill 25000 Pesos

You have an Income

Between 12.000 and 25000 Pesos. Please remember you have to prove it if you want to send us an order. Here are your Price-List

for Document and Pages:

  • PRC ID Card
  • ID Cards
  • simple COE

range from 600 to 800 Pesos.

  • diplomas, PRC, Bachelor, Master
  • certificates of employment, international standard
  • certificates of attendance
  • Board rating

range from 800 to 1200 Pesos for each Page.

  • Resume / CV  international standard
  • TOR
  • RLE
  • Highschool Rating
  • Birth certificates

range from 900 to 1700 Pesos for each Page.

The average is 700 Pesos

Please Note

  1. If a Documents contains more the one page, the page is calculated according to the volume on this page.
  2. Full pages will be billed according to the page price minus 10% Discount.
  3. Pages with little content are calculated at the next lower level.

If You like to have an exact Price.

Please send us the List of your Documents and ask for a Screening. The total price we will offer when we have evaluated the Effort and number of Pages.