Translation without risk

In most cases, documents are required to be translated and certified and must be done by a translator who is accredited by a German court.

Translation24 offers an effective  solution and has proven not only to give affordable service cost but also to ensure an excellent quality output that gives its clients the best chance of acceptance and recognition by the requiring authorities.

How? Translation24 has systematically trained and built a special team of translators specialized in documents concerning health workers and partnering up with certified translators in Germany. Together, they ensure great quality and affordability of the service.

Why can a certified translation be necessary?

    • The international confirmation of a contract between business partners
    • The accreditation of a company abroad
    • Contracts between countries and their branches
    • Agreements between international universities, companies and institutions
    • Brochures, reports and plans intended for foreign representations or partners
    • for the recognition of certificates for education or training
    • for a variety of other applications that require meticulous translation and / or legalization of the translation.

According to the “6 eye principle”, every translation goes through three levels of quality check and finally approved by the certified and accredited head translator; the document will be then printed and, if necessary, certified by the duty – bound authorities.

Which documents do we translate?

    • Birth certificates
    • Marriage certificates
    • Death certificates
    • University documents such as certificates (rating, practice evidence, RLE TOR and so on)
    • Diplomas of all kinds
    • Passport,  documents such as fiction certificates or titles
    • contracts
    • Business plans
    • Brochures, reports and business documents
    • Policies to foreign branches
    • Central register extracts, registered association extracts, approvals,
    • Commercial register extracts.
    • Signing Authorities
    • School certificates, ex. High School ratings
    • Certificates from employers/ certificate of employment
    • Training and seminar certificates, certificate of participation
    • Certificates of attendance
    • Documents for state recognition
    • ID cards
    • Official documents such as Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Passing, and many more.

If you want to have your documents translated, please contact us; we will check the value of your documents before we make an offer.

We have no fixed prices, costs depend on which state you are from, as the value of  a  Dollar or a Euro varies. If you are from the Philippines, the price will be adjusted to the Philippine standards. The same applies for the USA and other countries.

We therefore ask for your understanding that we grant larger discounts to people in  third countries with far below the average income. Therefore, clients from European countries pay a slightly higher price if the personal situation allows it. With this feasible calculations, we enable the poor third-country nationals to be able to obtain  a highly qualified translations.

Albeit, even by German costs and standards, our prices are still far below the average than any translators. Try us!

We treat your document with high discreetness, which is why we strongly advise against simply sending us any documents ahead by e-mail or mail. Please always get in touch with us before sending anything. Write us which documents you would like to be translated  and we will send you our privacy statement and the best offer.

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Certification without risk

We also offer a special complete package deals for your translations,  inspected, approved and certified by sworn translators. We have worked hard to be able to offer translations far below the average market fees, because we want to see you succeed!

Many documents require a translation whose authenticity and quality are confirmed by a sworn translator. Only this one may use his signature and his stamp to secure the translation internationally. Of course, we only work with sworn translators here and secure the accreditation as valid worldwide.

Information about our translation process and pricing can be gathered at the Translation24  office or via email. You can visit our office at any time and our team will help you in any way they can.

Contact us to the “Initial request form”

Request an translation offer

Request a translation offer

We treat your documents extremely discreetly, which is why we strongly advise against sending us any documents or sending them ahead by e-mail. Please always wait for our answer and request.

Write us which documents you would like to have translated, we will send you our privacy statement and an offer. Please use the following form and please note the online privacy policy (click).










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