Translation Service – Non Profit Departement.

Translation Service for Free?

We are working with the Translation Service as a non-profit organization. Our mission is to make it possible for everyone, even the poorest of the poor, to obtain decent translations. That is why we even have done them for free in the past. Our goal is opportunity.

Thats why our prices depend on the location and needs of a client. There are different levels and possible parameters. Listed below are the levels, so you can find your level:

Level 1. For German people or people who live in Germany with an income of more than 3000 Euros. Institutions and companys: the normal price for Documents like diplomas, certificates of employments, certificates of attendance range from 80 to 120 Euros each. Birth certificates amount to at least 120 Euros. However, these are german prices.

Level 2. For a Philippino located in the Philippines, employed with an income higher than 20000 Pesos the cost amounts to 24% of the Level 1 price. That is about 18 to 28 Euros (1000 to 1500 Pesos for a birth certificate, RLE or a TOR for at least 38 Euro, about 1800 Pesos).

Level 3.  A Philippino located in the Philippines and employed with an income lower than 20000 Pesos, the price adds up to 12% of the Level 1 price. That means around 8 to 15 Euros, 500 to 900 Pesos. The translation of a birth certificate, RLE or a TOR costs at least 1500 Pesos (26 Euro).

Level 4. For Clients who are contracted with our sister company Talent Solution, there is a discount for the translations of around 50% on the prices in any level above.

Level 5. If the financial situation is dire or there if there is no employment, an application must be admitted for further financial service. If it can be proven that the financial situation is very bad, we offer a “pay a bit now and the rest later” financial plan. Only a small amount of 150 Pesos has to be paid ahead of the order for every Document. The rest of the cost is considered a loan and can be paid off later when the client has transferred to Germany and earns income. In that case the prices for Level 2 will apply.

The next important question is if there is a certification needed. We are able to certify documents with the help of a sworn and in Germany accredited translator, so the documents will be appropiate for the authorities. This will cost extra, for example because the original translation has to be send by a certificate mail transfer service. The certification will cost around 20% of the pertaining level price.

One more thing can happen. If we need a Certified True Copy from a german, seal bearing government, there are two ways to get that:

a) the German Embassy Manila will do it,


b) a seal bearing authority in Germany will do it.

The cost of the CTC cannot be converted, per document it costs 300 Pesos in Germany and 600 Pesos at the German Embassy. If you are affiliated with Talent Solution, the CTC will be covered.

So if you are interested  to get a discount on our prices, as the first step please answer these questions, we will then send you an offer:

  1. Are you located in the Philippines?
  2. Where exactly are you staying?
  3. Are you employed in the Philippines?
  4. How much is your gross income?
  5. Do you need the translated documents for a recognition of your profession in Germany?
  6. Are you an Au Pair?
  7. Do you have supporters?
  8. Do you have an agency?
  9. Do you have an employer in Germany?
  10. What is your financial situation?

Please be aware, as a non-profit organization we are highly dependent on the payment of our services, as many other clients might not get any translations while we are waiting for your payment.  Therefore, only if the agreed amount has been paid in advance, orders will be accepted and executed . No orders will be accepted without prior payment.

Please send us the inquiry for a discount of the translation price via E-mail to