Pricefinder DE NO Income

You have NO Income

that’s not good. But anyway, we also want to create a possibility for you.

Actually, there are people who think of people who have less in their pockets.

We think everyone should have a chance to realize their dreams.

If the financial situation is dire or there if there is no employment, an application must be admitted to us for further financial service.

If it can be proven that the financial situation is very bad, we offer a “pay a bit now and the rest later” financial plan. Only a small amount of 150 Pesos has to be paid ahead of the order for every Document. Does not matter how many pages.

The rest of the cost is considered a loan and can be paid off later when the client has transferred to Germany and earns or has an income. In that case, 50% of the prices for the Level according to the high of the Salary you earn will be billed.

Send us a Message an explain your Situation.