Pricefinder DE Income untill 2900

You have an Income Between 1600 and 2900 Euro.

Here are your Price-List


The price for one Page:

  • PRC ID Card
  • ID Cards
  • simple COE

range from 35 to 55 Euros.


  • diplomas, PRC, Bachelor, Master
  • certificates of employment, international standard
  • certificates of attendance
  • Board rating

range from 45 to 65 Euros each.


  • Resume / CV  international standard
  • TOR
  • RLE
  • Highschool Rating
  • Birth certificates

range from 45 to 75 Euros.


Please Note

  1. If a Documents contains more the one page, the page is calculated according to the volume on this page.
  2. Full pages will be billed according to the page price minus 10% Discount.
  3. Pages with little content are calculated at the next lower level.


If you like to have an exact price:

Please send us the List of your Documents and ask for a Screening. The total price we will offer when we have evaluated the Effort and number of Pages.
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